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Feyland Complete series cover

Ok, so here's me, frrreaking out, since the last cover I did (and weirdly enough not the first one, that one is coming out next month) for aethon books got published and I couldn't be happier!!! In this case it is the cover for the complete series and the audiobook of Anthea Sharp's Feyland! which is a great series of books that are all up on Amazon
Over the past couple of months, a tad before the world went to utter shite, I think February, I had the fortune of start working illustrating fantasy covers for Steve at Aethon, which has been for a long while a personal dream of mine, and not only I'm enjoying the crap out of it, but also surviving this massive quarantine doing what I love which is in no way a small thing, and for that, to Steve, and also to Luciano Fleitas a gigantic thank you!!!